The Jellyfish

The Jellyfish

It was an incredibly day for fishers of all types. The bluefish were running. Bait fish were fleeing them and larger fish were pursuing the bluefish, as were the pelicans and gulls above and humans onshore. It was quite a show. In the end, these jellies washed ashore. They look like moon jellies but I’m not certain. I was going for “artistic” with the photo instead of identification purposes, but maybe someone can tell me for certain.


  1. Jelly fish. They do look like they are encapsulated in a blob of gelatin, don’t they? I remember my first morning in North Carolina, walking the shore, coming across these blobby things. Then, I didn’t remember what they were, just stood over one staring at its insides! I, too, took a photo, then had to do my research, discovered that a group of jelly fish is a bloom of jelly fish! Love that you’ve got the whole view of the shore and ocean in this photo — gives it a real feeling of place.

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