1. No don’t! I think they get in the way personally – especially when the images are as superior as your own. One gets lost in the beautiful image and then a clunky logo brings one straight back to reality. I say let them be out there! I say show them even larger because these images should fill the screen, they’re that good! Because people like me will always give credit where the credit has not long been lost going from site to site and the clincher is, logo’s, even watermarks pasted right over the whole picture STILL doesn’t stop folk from using them without permission, so if you can I’d stick to the meh attitude! If you are interested I will show you what I think your images deserve (if I can find the theme) – not a sales pitch – I have nothing to do with the guy, who didn’t even answer a query I made when I was looking for theme for this blog a few months back.

      2. I’m very interested, thank you! I’m new to WP, having used Blogger for too long. I was unhappy with the size I could make my images there and I’m NOT tech-savvy and couldn’t figure out how to manipulate the site. Yes, please share! I hate watermarks, too. But for the longest time I felt them necessary.

      3. Ooogh okay – let me hunt down the one that’s in my head ‘cos I stored it somewhere waiting for his answer. It’s a paid theme but just to show you how beautiful your landscapes could look in a theme LIKE it, if not necessarily HIS paid version.

      4. Okay – found it! Go to Dashboard -> shop -> premium themes -> Full Frame and press ‘Demo.’ I think you’ll see what I mean. I spied some other photography themes there while I was searching for it too.

        Also to look at free themes it’s dashboard – > appearance – > themes.
        Don’t get me wrong now – there is absolutely nothing wrong with your theme, just showing you because you said that you wanted larger images!

      5. Thank you! I’ve visiting my father and stepmother the past couple of days, hence the late response. They do not have internet or computer. It felt strange but was a good experience! I’ll go check these out soon. Thank you again!

  1. Hi Debi…..glad I visited. You have some wonderful images on your blog. Butterfly number 2 is a stunner with depth of field beautifully controlled………lovely subject and colours……and those mono trees…..I shall be back!

  2. Beautiful close-ups – especially the first image. We have a very similar species of butterfly to your ‘sulphur’ here called the Brimstone. I have seen quite a few of them so far this Spring.

    1. Thank you so much. We have several sulphurs here but I can’t tell one from the other. Or hardly, anyway. This pretty fella has a chartreuse stripe in it’s wing – I’d not seen his like before. Anyway, thank you for visiting my little blog!

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