Live Oaks of Airlie Gardens

ImageThis weekend Wilmington, North Carolina, will be celebrating their annual Azalea Festival.

Last year I unwittingly went to Airlie Gardens in Wilmington during the festival.

Normally, I avoid crowds, preferring to soak up the peace and beauty in the quiet.

I wasn’t paying attention.


To my surprise the crowds were few and respectful of space.

Yes, I took photos of the azaleas and tulips.

But the live oaks draped in Spanish moss captivated me.

Most oaks here are hundreds of years old.

The Airlie Oak is over 400 years old.


Live oaks are evergreen.

They shed their leaves twice a year as new leaves randomly shove off old leaves.

The transition is always green.


Live oaks have enchanted the South for centuries.

They are one of my favorite trees.


  1. i can see why this is one of your favorite trees. it’s beautiful with that spanish moss hanging over it like a shawl. i always loved climbing in trees and hugging them as a child. truth is i’d probably still climb if i had the stamina, lol… were you able to connect with my blog? if not, here’s a link: hope all is well. have a great day~ beautiful photos…

    1. I have not yet working on trying to link with your blog, but just go there from time to time as I think of it. With my memory…that’s not often enough! Currently, I’m struggling with Dashlane…do you use it? Supposed to make keeping up with passwords less cumbersome and more secure but so far it’s giving me a headache! XO! I’ll go visit you soon!

      1. I’ll keep you posted on Dashlane. I think it will be wonderful once I figure everything out. Another friend downloaded 1Password, which is similar. Both supposed to be more secure. You create a Master Password that THEY DO NOT KEEP, so you have to remember it!

    1. “Ent-Like.” I really like that, Gaelyn. Very cool! You’re the second person who’s referred to Tolkein-type qualities in regards to these images. Interesting that they have that effect…but I can see why now. Welcome back to the USA, btw!

  2. Beautiful! I’ve been to Wilmington, and spent many spring vacations on one of the Georgia Sea Islands, so these are fond memories – so far away now! Thanks for taking these photos, a good reminder.

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