North Carolina Azalea Festival

ImageSpring officially begins for me with the North Carolina Azalea Festival in Wilmington, North Carolina.

I’m not a huge fan of large events.

However, azaleas are blooming everywhere in this town and surrounding gardens!

Colors bright and vivid that make me happy!


2013 was a rough year for the azaleas thanks to numerous storms and cold weather.

Tulips planted at Airlie Gardens brought color to help accentuate the azaleas, live oaks and sweeping greenery.


Azaleas in more protected areas grew tall, creating floral hallways leading to lakes, benches and arbors.


In this image you can see the new, bright green live oak leaves peeking through Spanish moss.

The pollen is incredible.

My black car is now greenish yellow.


My favorite place to sit and think.

A sacred pine tree resides here.


Airlie Gardens is a small garden with easy walks through historic grounds.

A sweet place to be.



  1. These are beautiful. Your first picture – I couldn’t tell right away if it was a photograph, or perhaps a picture of a painting. So magical. I have never seen Spanish moss, which I assume this is on the trees, creates such a serene effect.

    1. Yes, that’s the Spanish moss. It does create an ethereal feeling, a sense of wonder. It lives entirely by soaking in nutrients in the air and requires high humidity, which is why it thrives in the deep south, lining the waterways and beaches. Thank you, Cnawan..

      1. Hm…your words capture it well: “It does create an ethereal feeling, a sense of wonder…” Fascinating to learn that it is not parasitic. It’s thriving simply upon air and humidity renders it even more fanciful, something the likes of Tolkien might conjure up as a magical plant that the Elves cultivated. No doubt it does harbor secret qualities. : )

      2. Ah, I love your reference to Tolkein. I read The Hobbit and the Trilogy three times – such a geek I am. Secret qualities…….no doubt. Thank you, Cnawan…..

      3. I’m a fantasy/SciFi geek myself. Are you a Game of Thrones Fan? Have you read the books? Martin is an extraordinary writer – he elevates the genre – definitely in the pantheon with Tolkien.

      4. I watched the first season, then read all of the books. Do that at least, so you have the tv characters images when reading. In this case, the series is so well done, and the books add so much detail, it would be fine to watch all the seasons then read the books, that way your experience would be enriched by the additional depth the books offer. The tv has slight divergencies from the books, but is very true to the spirit of the story. Really well done.

      5. Thank you so much. That is very good advice. I’ll keep you posted as to my GoT experiences. I found that after watching LOTR and The Hobbit these later years that my earlier, entrenched mind-characters created in my brain upon first reading them long ago were completely interchanged by the movie character actors, so well done where they. Such richness they bring to our world, these incredible stories!

  2. Lovely spot under that arbor, agreed! Here at our home in British Columbia, we have a few Azalea blooming, but no comparison to the Airlee Gardens of North Carolina. Stunning location and beautiful photos, Debi. Or maybe I should turn that around!

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