Brand New Day

ImageShagbark Silhouette

Sunrise.  January 3, 2005.  Taken with a Sony Cybershot 5.0 Megapixel – my first digital camera..  At that time I lived on Wheeler Lake, which was a wide spot in the Tennessee River west of Decatur.  It was here that my soul was awakened and I shagged off the pretenses of my former corporate existence.  The Real Me emerged as I remembered my love of photography and music and nature.  It was a heady time filled with daily adventures from the small to the grand.  Red headed woodpeckers nested in a nearby snag close to the deck.  Red buckeyes grew wild on the bank.  Great blue herons landed in trees and flew by often like huge pterodactyls with their raucous calls.  Barges thrummed by daily, the Delta Queen cruises entertained with the music of calliopes and most weekends bass boats roared by at 80mph chasing the elusive fishes.  It was paradise.  

Some ask if I prefer beach or lake/river.  My answer is … yes. 

I love Nature in all her moods.

“Turn the clock to zero buddy
Don’t wanna be no fuddy duddy
Started up a brand new day”


Okay, yesterday was kind of a fuddy duddy post.  In the immortal words of Sting,

“…the river’s wide, we’ll swim across – starting up a Brand New Day!”



  1. Unbelievable colours!! So magic. Thank you very much for following my blog and I’am so glad, to found your blog, that I’ll follow your blog from now on too.
    Greetings from Vera 🙂

  2. What an amazing photograph of a beautiful scene. Really lovely.

    How strange that you mention that song. I’m fairly sure it was that track which was playing when I was in the post office in town today! It caught my attention as I was getting a parcel ready to post. I used to have the album but not sure what happened to it!

    1. Sting shows up everywhere, or so that has been my experience anyway. That’s one of my favorite CDs of his, Brand New Day! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment!

  3. Absolutely Glorious! I’ve had similar episodes in my life, of launching into a more authentic expression of myself ~ “heady times filled with daily adventures from the small to the grand” ~ very well put. Glorious times.

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