The Thickening



Personal growth, emotional growth, Spiritual growth.  These expansions can be detected through what I call a “thickening.”  Just like the physical growth of children where they stop growing upward and their bodies thicken in preparation for the next growth shoot so does our inner realm, our soul, as we prepare for the next emotional, personal, spiritual phase of Life growth.




This is where I am – a “thickening.”  Artists need quiet time of absorption and reflection in order to bound forward into their next phase of creativity.  Sit, ponder, observe, think, write, stillness, listen, absorb.  Two people introduced to me in the blogosphere have recently, one unwittingly, given me new tools for my personal thickening.

Bo Mackison, “Artist, Writer, Guide” and excellent Photographer, has been a source of inspiration for many years now.  Recently, we met in person for the first time and I discovered a Soul Sister.  Bo’s Desert Wisdom Cards have become a morning ritual for me since her visit last November.  Bo always surprises me, challenges me in quiet ways.  She gives me support, friendship and guidance.  Photography as a metaphor is something she does incredibly well.  She always makes me think.   If you would like to say “Hi” to Bo her website is

Cnawan Fahey will be surprised to see his name here since we’ve only very recently “met” in the blogosphere.  I have begun following his Sunrise Sadhana blog feature with intense curiosity.  His words are awakening something deep within me.  I’m not sure just what is awakening but I figure it’s part of the thickening process and look forward to following my heart and soul to see where this awakening leads.  If you are curious as well about Cnawan’s Sunrise Sadhana please visit his blog at




Today’s Desert Wisdom Card is QUEST.

I look forward to seeing what the day brings, or rather what I bring to the day.



  1. Hello I am Ms.Indya Elise this is my first couple days having my first blog ever. I enjoyed reading your little blog. I ask that you follow me and my post giving me your insight and advice on my thoughts and blogs I will do the same in return thank you so much!

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