ImageBlue Reflection (C) 2013 by Debi Bradford


Morning came early after a fitful, tossy-turny night.  Tornadoes ripped up my homeland yesterday, laying it bare by frightening, extreme elements.  I’ve lived through many tornadoes which fortunately turned left or right or lifted up and didn’t hit the house where I’d hunkered down.  My family and friends along that long, long path of destruction are on my mind, in my heart and thoughts this morning.  Sending them courage and strength and lots of love.


ImageAlive (C) 2013 by Debi Bradford


In the middle of the tornadoes a very good friend was laying her mother to rest after a long illness.  No amount of tornadoes could stop that process.  I wasn’t there because I was here but what my friend told me later will stay with me forever.  She said as she watched her mother’s life slip away breath by breath she noticed a profound difference in her face.  Lines began disappearing and her face became youthful.  The pallor of sickness left and her skin began to glow.  She turned back into the beautiful woman she was before her illness.  My friend likened it to a new birth, a new beginning, and watching this miracle brought my friend peace.  Isn’t that lovely?


ImageMorning Has Broken (C) 2013 by Debi Bradford


Events such as these open my heart to Gratitude as I reflect upon the gifts given me.  Today, I am extraordinarily grateful for my life and that of my friends and family, people in my blogosphere, acquaintances and old workmates, musicians whose tunes get my foot to tapping, and Adam, our waiter at Nikki’s last night who gave us such great service with humor and a smile.  Grateful for my Twinnie and upcoming trip to Scotland.  Happy to find a new Soul Friend Photographer.  Thankful for the extra weight I carry because I am not hungry.  Happy for this grey, foggy morning because I can breathe it in, see it and feel the moisture on my skin.  Life is Precious.  What a Gift, what a Gift.


  1. Debi, these are so remarkable. I just can’t get over them ~ the small pool in the foreground, the long splash left over from a wave, the colors reflected in the sand… as Eddie said, wonderful photos. And I always enjoy how your interweave your written reflections with you pictures.

    1. Thank you so much, Cnawan. I took these last year – October – the sunrise of my mother’s birthday. We were enjoying a delightful visit at the time and I thought then how remarkable the beach was that particular morning. I’ve not seen the beach like that again. Again, thank you.

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