Morning Has Broken

ImageThe Pier (C) by Debi Bradford


The sun rises every morning without fail regardless of weather or the politics of man.

We may or may not witness this miracle but it happens nonetheless.

I’d begun to take this miracle for granted.

Proximity creates familiarity.

How many sunrises have I photographed?


How many sunrise images do I have on my hard drive?


Recently, I would waken early but lie there thinking…..

Oh, it’s almost sunrise.  Do I NEED another sunrise image?


So, I simply stopped going out to observe and photograph sunrises.



ImageShells (C) 2014 by Debi Bradford


I forgot.

Photographing sunrises wasn’t the point.

Witnessing sunrises was.

Witnessing sunrises has been my morning ritual, my morning meditation, my ocean-labyrinth walk.

Photography was only the side show.

Over time photographing and sharing the event began to overshadow the morning meditation.



Dancing Cloud (C) 2014 by Debi Bradford


I forgot.

There’s magic wherever you look on a morning beach.

Simply being on the beach is a blessing.

Sand between my toes is a balm.

A refreshing surf splashing on my legs is bliss.

Wind whipping my hair into knots brings laughter.

Gulls laughing overhead brings joy.

The sound of crashing waves drowns out the world.

It’s only me and the sea.

Salt air fills and cleanses my lungs.

Walking the beach strengthens my legs, my heart, my soul.



Sit a Spell (C) 2014 by Debi Bradford


I forgot.

So, I took very few images this morning.

Instead, I sat on a rental’s beach steps and watched the morning gently stretch and waken.

Walking back I stopped to rest on the boardwalk bench.

Life is good.

Lesson learned.


  1. So wonderful Debi. I am a short block from the beach and can’t remember the last time I went up to see the sun rise. Yes, we do tend to forget the things that are so important to our soul’s yearning. Thanks for the reminder 🙂 Your photos are stunning, your words beautiful, and your message inspiring. Have a super weekend!

      1. I’m in south Florida…east coast…(for now) which is part of the would be a sunrise so I’d have to get my butt up there! I get up early enough to…I just don’t get moving. But I will…seems like this is the year for trying new things…doing things differently. 🙂

      2. I highly recommend witnessing a sunrise as often as possible. There’s just something about it – the solitude, the miracle – what it does to your soul is incredible. THEN you can POST about it so I can compare sunrises! Ooooh…….we should do that one day……yes?

      3. Absolutely!!!! I love it! Let’s do it. I think we will have storms tomorrow, but maybe not at sunrise. Are you east coast as well?

      4. It’s so exciting I can hardly wait! 🙂 6:40 sunrise here. I will get up there weather permitting. Thank you so much for creating this incredible experience 😀

  2. Wonderful post, Debi! I’m just going to quote Lorrie above: “Your photos are stunning, your words beautiful, and your message inspiring”. I love this: “Photographing sunrises wasn’t the point. Witnessing sunrises was.” So much to love about this post, I could gush at you all day.

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