ImageFirst Light

This post is for Lorrie Bowden.

She lives on a more southerly eastern coast.

Yesterday’s Morning Is Broken post brought about many conversations and insights.

She and I agreed to take a morning sunrise photo today and compare.

Just for grins.


Phase 2

This morning I woke to rain.

Discouraged, I rose anyway and checked the forecast.

Rain was moving out.

This gave me time for coffee,

and quality time with my dog.


Phase 3

 The ocean was calm, like a lake.

The first thing I saw was a small fishing boat scurrying across the horizon.

Reminded me of bass boats pre-dawn on the lake during bass tournaments.

Not a common sighting on the ocean.

The next thing I noticed were the gnats.

Calm winds = biting gnats.

I know this and have dressed for the occasion.


Golden Light

Although I agreed to this fun exercise I didn’t forget yesterday’s epiphany.

Few photos were taken.

Much walking and meditation occurred

in between swatting biting gnats that dangled in my hair.

The metamorphosis was grand.

Cool, grey morning blossomed into a golden, bright sunrise.

Late in coming and glorious.

Good morning



    1. It was a lovely moment in time, Cnawan! While sitting there I was wishing I’d printed out some of your posts to help guide my meditations. Another day, another day. Have a lovely weekend, my friend!

  1. Thank you Debi! I am so happy and grateful for this experience. I too woke to early rain and felt a moment of disappointment. But then I just knew that we would be able to create our beautiful Sisters in Sunrises comparison! Our beach road was closed to traffic for a 5K “Turtle Run.” Packs of runners trotted by as we saw the first light of day. It was magnificent in every way…and probably the only sun we will see today as huge storms are expected. Your photos are exceptional and I like that you only took a few…The ones you got were spot on! Thank you for a beautiful experience that has taught me much and will hopefully be repeated. Have a super wonderful weekend! ! 😀 ♡♡♡ Lorrie

    1. And thank YOU for encouraging this fun experiment! It was really cool to see the same sunrise from a different coastline, a different state. We MUST do this again later on! Maybe next time I’ll see the shark, eh? Oh, I DID see a flock of ibis flying north, but it was dark and the image is kinda like black blobs in the sky – LOL!

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