I’ll Be Back


I must away to immediately see about a family issue.

Afterward, I head overseas on an Adventure!

Blogging may or may not occur,

depending upon my skill level with remote devices

and available WiFi.

However, when I return the end of May/first of June

you will be inundated with images

from Scotland

and countless stories of me and my bestie

on our Grand Adventure!

You’ve been warned.

In the meantime please enjoy this,

my favorite beach image,

or one of them, anyway.

Breathe it in.

I’ll be back.


  1. Hae a stoatin trip! yoo’ll be missed, thocht Ah ken we’ll aw be th’ richer fur it upon yer return!

    1. Okay, now you’ve blown me away! And made my day – again! I’ll have to brush up on my Scottish brogue during my trip and return the sentiment. I’ll miss your morning rituals unless I can figure out what to do while there. Take care!

      1. That was courtesy of a little Scottish translator that I found online! : ) Bon Voyage!

    1. Thanks, Gaelyn. After living vicariously thru your African adventure I hope my images will be as compelling. You are really living the life, my friend!

  2. I wish you a wonderful experience on your travels and send good energy for your family matter! Can’t wait to hear/see from you!! Love the photo! 🙂 Blessitude

  3. Hi Debi….you were on my mind this morning so I went to check on you. It is the end of May so I happily anticipate your return! You have been missed…but I think you will make up for lost time!!!
    Many blessings! Lorrie

  4. Wow!!! je suis émerveillé – I’m amazed! For sure Scotland & Heaven have many some common points 🙂 Merci, thank you!

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