The Magic of Scotland


The Lonely House (C) 2014 by Debi Bradford


I confess I’m a bit of a mess.  Since returning from Scotland it seems my sense of direction has grown faulty.  The processing of photos has come to a close and now I’m left with Not Having Pictures Of Scotland To Process.  Thousands of images of this magical kingdom sitting on my computer waiting for me to do something with them.  Thousands have been culled to hundreds and yet I sit.  What next?



The Cuillen (C) 2014 by Debi Bradford

The admission here is simple:  processing these photos was a chance to tour Scotland again.  A similar rush of AHA! and OH YEAH! and OH MY! as I remembered stops and places and experiences.  Frankly, I wasn’t ready to return and believe my soul is still wandering about in the Highlands.  It certainly doesn’t seem to be within me right now.  “That’s my soul up there.” (Sting)


Inukshuks at The Cuillen (C) 2014 by Debi Bradford

Words are failing me, the urge to blog escapes me, my mind wanders – its corners collecting dust until I can find my way again.  Have you ever experienced anything like this?  And, if so, what did you do to jumpstart your creative back in the Real World?  I’m at a loss in more ways than one.


Enchantment (C) 2014 by Debi Bradford

Quite simply, I’m obsessed with Scotland.  Its history and lovely people, the sights and smells, the food and drink, the Highlands and the wild, wild north.  Once in everyone’s life one should have a similar experience, falling in love with a country.  I’ve visited other countries and loved them all, but Scotland grabbed my soul and won’t let go.  Nor do I want it to.


  1. When I’ve been in that kind of situation, I plan another trip to a different place and when I visit it I see it with open mind and neutral feelings. I found that I had snapped off the previous one and switched again! I’ve done this several times and realized that one person is best off at the loving place that you call home! 🙂
    Lovely photos Gabi!

    1. That’s a good suggestion! I’ll try that when I’m ready to let go of Scotland. I guess first I have to purge my photos in everyone’s general direction – you’ve been warned! Ha!

  2. I’m happy and sad for you!! You have such passion for this country….that is amazing and shines through. ..I understand. don’t want it to end. You will know when it is time! When you are ready for a Sisters in Sunrises…let me know…though I’m not sure it will hold a candle to the country that holds your heart!! ❤

  3. Van Morrison – Celtic Ray

    Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, and Wales,
    I can hear those ancient voices calling,
    “Children, children”

  4. Boys of the Lough – Farewell My Love, and Remember Me
    (again, not strictly Scottish, but I think it captures the mood)

  5. Never let it go. And yes, I know the feeling. I loved labeling my South Africa photos and now that they’re done all I want to do is go back. These landscapes are so compelling.

    1. Thank you, Gaelyn. Interestingly, I knew if anyone would understand how I’m feeling it would be you. I thought of you during my entire Scotland trip. You amaze me – how you could blog from South Africa during the trip. We rarely had wifi or robust internet up in the great north highlands. …and I thought that was soooo great.

      1. Seems there are some places we are meant to be. And fortunately South Africa has great internet coverage almost Everywhere. Although I get not being connected to better enjoy the now. Sure is fun going over the photos and reliving the moments.

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