An Award

You could’a knocked me over with a feather when I found out many moons ago that my new blogging buddy Cnawan Fahey, over at Ethereal Nature, has given me an award.


Cnawan knows I’ve been going through massive Scotland Withdrawal and has forgiven my lapse in response but today is THE DAY to acknowledge his lapse in judgment honor and pass it on to others.

I’ve been a WP blogger for a very short time, but in this time have connected with FAR more people than I did on Blogger.  There, I blogged for many years under the moniker of Giraffe Head Tree.  It’s still there, GHT.  I simply like WP’s formatting for photography much better, hence the switch.  Some of today’s honorees are from Blogger who have moved on to their own new websites with personal blogs and continue to inspire me to this day.  So without further delay here’s the list:  (…and there are more but in the interest of time and space I’m limiting my list as much as possible):   Not In Any Particular Order….


Bo Mackison

My Soul Friend, Bo Mackison is a true kindred nature spirit.  First discovered via blogger, the name of her then-blog is what attracted me – Seeded Earth.  Her stories of Midwestern prairies and southwestern deserts, accompanied by amazing photography have enthralled me for years.  Bo’s Desert Wisdom Cards have become a necessary part of my morning meditations.  Over time we have become actual in person friends.  That’s what blogging can do.  Please, check her out and tell her I said “Hello!”



Gaelyn Olmstead has my dream job.  She is an honest-to-goodness Ranger at the Grand Canyon.  The GRAND CANYON…like you’ll get it better if I type it in all caps!  I’ve known Gaelyn since my GHT blogger stint and she is probably my longest term blogging buddy.  Gaelyn has taught me so much about the Grand Canyon and great southwest and lately she’s taught me about another part of our planet – South Africa, her other passion.  She ain’t called GeoGypsy for nothin.’


Ethereal Nature

Haha!  Cnawan, you can’t be left out of this list, my friend.  Your blog has captured my imagination.  I fancy myself a spiritual person who loves nature and I’ve learned from you ways to combine the two.  Your Sunrise Sadhana posts give me chills and brought on tears, so beautifully experienced and written are they.  Heartfelt poetry, insightful posts, fascinating photographs and fascinating stories are accompanied by such wisdom.  Most days I feel I’m not worthy enough to comment, or rather cannot find the proper words to match the complexity of your thoughts.  Thank you for sharing so much and opening my eyes, my mind.


Life, Photography & Other Mistakes

John Smith’s photography captured my attention from the get-go.  Not only is he SCOTTISH, a country I love fiercely and passionately, but his home base is just about the same latitude as Sting’s home town, Newcastle!  (Big Sting Fan I Am)  John’s photography and processing stands out as truly unique in my book.  He has a keen eye and shrewd skills and is such a nice guy!  Oh, and did I mention he’s Scottish?


Wilden Marsh:  Another Year with Nature at Hoo Wood and Wilden Marsh

Incredible macro photographs of birds, butterflies, bees and all manner of spiders, insects and whatever else he can find in Wilden Marsh and the Hoo Wood.  It was here that I learned about otter holts!  I love living at the beach but when I need a marsh and wood fix I come here.  Besides which, HOO WOOD???  How can you not love that name?!


Striking Photography by Bo Blog

I’m a weather nut.  Lightning storms, tornadoes, water spouts, you name it.  When tornado warnings sound off I’m one of the first nuts to go outside and see what I can see.  Bo doesn’t just go outside to look – he chases and photographs some amazing lightning storms.  His stuff makes my mouth water!  Also a very nice guy!


Dust Tracks on the Web

Janson Jones’ blog is the ultimate travel blog containing gorgeous scenery and absolutely incredible writing – better than any travel magazine I’ve read.  His stories have made me laugh, have given me perspective, have educated me and amazed me.  More than that, I like the way Janson thinks.   Nice, smart guy – wonderful blog.  Check him out.


Lorrie Bowden – Blessitude!

I just met Lorrie recently and just love her!  Her optimism and zest for living always makes my day.  Whenever I’m blue, whenever I need a little ray of sunshine I visit her blog.  My Sunrise Sister, from time to time we agree to take a sunrise pic on the same morning and post.  She writes haikus and poetry and accompanies them them beautiful photographs.  I’m enjoying getting to know Lorrie and hope you’ll go check out her happy place.


The Art of Quotation

I love art in all its forms and am fascinating by Artists from all walks of life – past and present – who wield brush, pen, pencil, camera, fabric, nature and throw their talents into creating works that inspire and amaze.  In this blog, Doug shares quotes form the famous and not-so-famous about their works and philosophies – little glimpses into what they are thinking, what makes them tick.  Doug adds an image of the Artist, whether photograph, painting or some artistic rendering.  I look forward to his daily inspiration.


There are other bloggers out there who likewise amaze and astound me but this is enough of a list … for now.  Thank you Cnawan.  This sunrise is for you.





  1. Thank you Debi. I feel honored to be included in this list. We have been blogger buddies for a long time and you brought Bo into my life. I know we will meet someday. Maybe when you become a Park Ranger at the canyon.

  2. Beloved Debi, no one has ever given me a sunrise before, this is glorious. And your words are far too kind. So wonderful to check out the work of your other blogging friends. You are so deserving of the award; your photography is simply good for the soul. Warm blessings, Cnawan xoxox

  3. Oh my……..I got an honourable mention……fantabadozie……..that’s awesome……and shame on me…..I have neglected to visit your lovely blog, Debi……..something I must rectify.

    However…….a tiny weeny correction……….I am English born and bred…….living without fear or favour in a lovely Scottish town by the Irish Sea, and you are right……it’s a lovely place to live……friendly people, beautiful mountains and coast……..and no traffic!…… next time you are in the neighbourhood Debi……drop in and have a cup of tea, but, sorry, no haggis!

    Very best regards

    1. Aha! That’ll teach me to assume, eh? I found I enjoyed haggis, by the way. We were served a nice haggis, tatties and neeps tower thing with a dram of whiskey as a sauce. It was quite delish! NO TRAFFIC! I’m there.I’m happy to see ou here, John. Have a fabulous day in Scotland for me!

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