The Hidden


The Hidden Green (C) 2010 by Debi Bradford


“If you look for the truth outside yourself,

It gets farther and farther away.

Today walking alone, I meet it everywhere I step.

It is the same as me, yet I am not it.

Only if you understand it in this way

Will you merge with the way things are.”


Years ago it was necessary for my sanity to take day trips out into Nature.  Leaving in the morning, car packed with a cooler of water and snacks, passenger seat with camera kit, CD player loaded with my favorite tunes I would practically scamper out of the neighborhood.

I was seeking.

Seeking Nature.  Seeking Self.  Seeking Solace.  Seeking Peace.  Seeking Answers.

It was there, in all the green and water and sunshine and storms and whatever the day brought, that I felt the most Alive.

Why have I stopped doing that?  Why have I gotten sedentary?  Where did my curiosity go?  What keeps me at home?  Some answers are revealing themselves yet I’m not sure how to overcome them.  It is time for Mindful Awareness activities.  When you get this way what do YOU do?




  1. Hi Debi…it seems my blog and writing in general have really helped me when I feel like that. In general though, I have to make something….create something….anything. And then I feel better. I believe what you wrote could have a huge key for you…and it is also something that keeps coming up for me….and that is to get out into nature….to feel the wind on your face…hear the birds chirping….smell the ocean air. Yes…that will help no matter the ailment. I am sending you a creative burst of energy through this post…and my intention will be for you to receive an answer very soon to a question that is looming in your heart. Much love to you! ❤

  2. Love your image, love your words, Debi. Thank you for this.
    I am right there with you in your seeking and your wondering….. my life seems so out of control these days that instead of feeling only frustration because I have no time and/or energy for the peaceful seeking of Self, I try to remember to look for it in the moments of the day as they rush by, just trying to slow it all down in any way I can. To find a whole day (like you used to do) is a dream that may never happen for me, so I will try to find just a moment here and there. Sometimes it helps….

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, Janet. Apparently, in these Autumn Days such seeking seems to be the norm for me and my friends. And my blogging friends. Even moments of calm spirits can be immensely helpful – I hope you find some calm soon! Thanks for visiting my little blog. Looking forward to delving more deeply into yours.

    1. Thank you, Gaelyn. I do hope this is just a phase. Perhaps I’m just finally reaching bottom after sinking into the lush wonderfulness of Scotland. After that sort of trip I suppose our souls need time to reconnect with our norm. Thanks for visiting me!

  3. Interesting, my impulse was to suggest something very similar to GeoGypsy’s comment: One of my observations is that, as the earth travels around the sun and creates the seasons, balance is a achieved in the long run, growth and dormancy are not in constant equilibrium, but ebb and flow ~ for cultures living close to the earth, people’s activities and priorities and motivations change over time, in accord with the season. To act out of sync with each seasons’ necessities would result in disaster. The challenge is to accept periods of dormancy when appropriate, but to not fall into complacency and inertia. Discernment is required to recognize how long one is being called to hibernate, and when one is called to shake oneself out of the long sleep and begin foraging once again for that which sustains one. Perhaps when your hunger pangs are gnawing at your insides, you will know… Hunger, such a great motivator… Warm blessings, Debi.

    1. Balance is key. I believe I’ve been out of balance due in part to a cross country journey followed by 6 months of eldercare that bookended my remarkable Scotland trip. I’ve not yet found my balance, my place. Soon, I’ll be traveling once more and it will start all over again. It isn’t that I’m a homebody but I’m finding myself strangely disconnected; feeling homeless. Odd for me. Indeed, there are seasons in our lives and it seems clear that I’ve entered into one. The more I’m in it the more I want to do different things. Mainly, get my hands onto different art projects – tactile things – pottery, bookmaking, anything new. Working with my hands always helps my brain, and my moods. Thank you so much my friend for your thoughtful comment. I really appreciate you.

  4. I could lose myself in that pond… it a pond or is it a dream of a pond……losing oneself in a dream… that I can do. There’s a small pool of water, just like, near here. I’ve tried to photograph it but it never looks like a dream, like your pond. I dream of a photo of a pond, like Edward Steichen’s pond. Reality gets in the way, somehow. Perhaps I should paint, perhaps I should write? There need be no reality then, only brush marks and words that come from dreams.

    I know the solution.

    The solution is to become habitual. My creative dreams will only become reality if I draw up a schedule because I know that my writing is too spasmodic and my painting is……just a dream.

    If I were more single minded……then I could turn my dreams into reality……….my dreams would become grounded………and contiguous…….then maybe I would finish the story, or do my first photo gravure, that would prove that the medium is the message. Yes. Steichen’s solution was the gravure…….that would turn the pond reality, into the pond……dream.


    1. Scheduling creative works seems counterintuitive, but it is necessary…isn’t it. (statement, not question) Those who are successful at it seem to schedule their time to write, their time in the studio, their time outside doing their craft. I’ve not been successful at it myself, scheduling my creative. That pond in the photo? I had been there countless times but I’d never seen it like that. Changing seasons, right time of day, water up high, right time and right place – I never saw it look like that again. Magical, really, when you think about it. I love your ramblings here….makes my mind enter into its own ramble. Thanks for visiting!

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