Month: November 2014

Paris, France


Architectural Detail, Paris


I rather unexpectedly fell into serious like with Paris.  I”m not much of a city gal but I found Paris to be charming and quaint for its size.  The people were very friendly (for the most part) but the main draw for me was its architecture.


IMG_3868_Paris Rue de Birague_1000x667


Because Paris wasn’t bombed during the war, it continues to carry its original charm on its sleeve like a well worn corsage.  Every turn of the corner revealed something simply grand showing just how much love was put into this city as it was being built.



Conciergerie, where Marie Antoinette spent her last days


IMG_4191_Paris_Sacre-Coeur Basilica_1000x667

Carousel at the foot of Sacré-Cœur Basilica




Museum signage



Paris oozed charm.

Unlike London, there are no towering modern glass skyscrapers, no new odd architecture to contrast with the original designs.  Where London was overwhelming Paris was charming.  Make no mistake, I love London.  However, this my first trip to Paris I was enlightened by the City of Light and enjoyed my stay there tremendously.