Month: March 2015

How Time Flies


Spiderwort buds

I’ve been away, embroiled in family issues since well before Christmas.  First, a dark issue in Alabama, dealing with death of my beloved stepmother and helping my father who has health issues of his own.  I was gone entirely too long, but it was a necessary chapter in the book of my life.  Most of us have been there in some capacity.  It’s not easy but I was grateful for the assistance and love of my siblings. I returned home Sunday night to learn of another imminent family issue, but this was a much more joyous one – the birth of a grandchild.  This meant another trip when I was needing nothing but rest.  However,  there was no way I was going to miss out on an event we’ve been anticipating with glee.  So off we went for a week to welcome Emma Kathryn Cargol Bradford into the world!  Although weary, being around palpable happiness, cradling this new life in my arms and kissing her head, inhaling the pleasant aromas that arrive with babies, gave my soul a much needed boost of Joy and Vitality.


White spiderwort

Returning to the beach last night I’ve decided to allow my body and soul the gift of TIME to simply rest.  There is comfort in cleaning and routine, and peace in bringing order back into daily living.  There’s also time, now, to properly mourn and properly rejoice each occasion deeply.  In doing so, I’m likening this gentle time to the coming Spring.  A rebirth.  An opening up.  A celebration of simple pleasures.  Nature has a way of soothing like nothing else.  I’ve not yet made it down to the beach but tomorrow promises sunshine.  Today, I celebrate Life with the beautiful, simply spiderwort that is blooming within the undergrowth of our lane.  There are deep purple spiderwort, lavender spiderwort and this luscious white spiderwort.  All wild and free, planted by Mother Nature.  I suspect birds had something to do with it as well.


Almost blue spiderwort