Month: May 2015

Beach Nourishment


Preparations (C) 2015 by Debi Bradford

Instead of simply posting pretty photos I think I’ll tell you a little tale about beach “nourishment.”  Before moving to a beach front community I’d never heard of this process.  First, we began noticing a nearby public access being loaded with equipment.  Bulldozers, pipes, Bobcats, trucks and whatnot.  Eventually, Bobcats moved pipes out onto the beach.  Bulldozers followed.  This began an education process for me that was as fascinating as it was horrifying.

Beach nourishment is a process by which a dredge ship sucks up a particular type of sand from the bottom of the ocean and disperses it onto a beach.  Bulldozers create a hole for all the new sand, then level it as it’s being piped in.  The process repeats all the way up the beach.  This builds the beach far out and flattens it for the tourist trade.  It also keeps buildings that were built too close to the sea from falling into it.

I took photos throughout the process and have shown some of Facebook.  Folks have encouraged me to create a photo exhibit of the process but I’m not sure a) I have enough or b) they’re decent enough and c) there’s interest.  So I’ll post here and gauge reactions and thoughts.

This first image is a golden dawn light striking the beached equipment.  I welcome comments and thoughts.