This is where I am….blissfully, incredibly written by someone else. Anyes Pourtaghi, Writer and Photographer crafts her blog, for which I shall be eternally grateful. It’s nice to see it in writing, this odd place of being. I share this here, on my poor neglected blog so that I’ll not lose it, or her. Recognizing and naming a thing means I’m halfway there, yes?

Far Away In The Sunshine

The bruised self I have been for the past year or so, is filled with hurts, sorrows and lacking joy. Still weak and searching for strength, I find myself reflecting. How long will it be till I find the zest for life I used to have? My poor camera sits on the side lines waiting expectantly for me to grab it as I used to. My notes books are spread all over the table waiting to feel the soft caress of the pen on their pages.

The thoughts in my head are jumbled and keep coming and going. Alternating between fear, sadness, anxiety and bursts of hope my moods are all over the place, so I kept quiet. Not wanting to burden the screen with a story that does not bring anything to anyone. Yet I find myself here knowing that by pushing a bit more I will get back…

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  1. Your photographs are incredible. I almost feel present when the picture was taken. Your titles are so appropriate – sometimes the catch exactly what I was thinking when I looked at the pic. You do awesome work!!

  2. Hello my Sister in Sunrises!! The one thing I know is that when this is the energy we are in, we have to change it! And sometimes it just means to force ourselves to take one teeny tiny baby step. One forced adventure creates a shift no matter how small. Sending you beautiful energy, Debi ♡

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