IMG_6648_2016_Tropical Storm Erosion_1000x667

No ice.  No snow.  No sleet.  Just rain and an audacious north wind that blew foam and sand about and froze my fingers.  Looking south toward the condos sadly named Ocean Dunes.  Sadly, because there are no more dunes to protect said condos and there haven’t been for some time.  The city offered the owners land across the street from the beach to rebuild but the owners rejected that deal.  Now, they are about to tumble into the sea.  Morons.

IMG_6664_2016_Tropical Storm Erosion_1000x667

Looking north towards the pier.  Storms in the Atlantic have chopped up the beach over the past couple of years.  The beach nourishment project should begin soon and we’ll have beach again, but this is what a normal beach does.  Storms take away, and the beach grows back during the summer.  Well, unless houses and condos and whatnot are built too close and the dunes are compromised….then all bets are off.

IMG_6666_2016_Tropical Storm Erosion_1000x667

I’ve never witnessed this much erosion before.  Standing beside the dunes, they are way over my head.  Standing next to the cliff, peering closely into the chopped off sand, one can see tiny rivers of roots tenuously holding what’s left of the dune in place.

IMG_6669_2016_Tropical Storm Erosion_1000x667

Can’t wait to walk down the beach and see what’s left AFTER Jonas.  Truthfully, most of this erosion was caused by Hurricane Joaquin.  Jonas is just adding to it.  Well, Joaquin’s presence in the Atlantic held another storm on top of us for days causing flooding and erosion.

IMG_6672_2016_Tropical Storm Erosion_C_1000x667

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