IMG_6233_Kearny Sunrise-B_1000x667


Recently, I came across some images I totally forgot about.  It was a product of mislabeling my file, nothing more.  I was astonished.  How could I have forgotten about these images?  This sunrise?  It was such a beautiful, perfect morning.  We had friends visiting us and these sunrise images were nestled among photos of their visit, so the file was basically labeled the date of their visit and their last name.

The sunrise was one of those truly remarkable ones with towering, glowing clouds.  Apricot skies with blue and purple; these colors reflecting upon the ocean’s surface.  The cloud you see in the image – the long horizontal one at the top – was slowly twisting and pieces of itself were falling down.  I’d seen this once before, long ago at Wheeler Lake in North Alabama.  I’m sure there’s a meteorological name for this type of cloud behavior.

Interestingly, the one at Wheeler Lake was the same color.  I’m sure that’s just coincidence.

When I first arrived at the beach the cloud was more purple, and as the sun began to rise through the cloud city the cloud began to glow.  Embrace Nature’s gifts.  And be careful how you name your files.

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