Giving Thanks




“I gave three years of my life to take care of my dying mother who had Alzheimer’s disease. Being there for her every need for three years might have looked codependent but it wasn’t because it was what I wanted to do.”  (Melody Beattie)

This quote resonated with me today.  The past few years I have been away a lot helping to care for my four parents.  Mom and stepfather, dad and stepmother.  I love them all.  I lost two of them the past year and a half – my father and stepmother.  And I was there, helping.  It’s not co-dependent, this act of love.  It is a choice.  I could have chosen to stay home and let my sister and stepbrothers do the caring, but that is not “me.”  Many people have questioned my actions since, but I tell you I’ll do it again.  For my mom and my stepfather.   All of them have been there for me and I intend to be there for them.  That’s what human beings do.  That’s what family does.  While we are all giving Thanks for what we have I believe that giving Thanks isn’t a one-day holiday.  It’s every day in every way, in every thing that we do.  That’s my belief.  Be Thankful and show Love everyday.


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