Water and Clouds




Sunrise 2013

I’ve shared this image before but think it worth a second pass.  You see, the fascination for me is how the waves seem to creep up out of the ocean to become pink clouds, while on the other end the sea water is seeping down into the sand creating a wet reflection of the pink clouds.  Ocean and clouds – it’s all water anyway.  Water is Life.  Water is the ultimate miracle on this planet for without we would cease to exist very quickly.


  1. At first I thought….a truly lonely place, and I looked closer and saw the habitations, and then a pier….I’m glad. Although I love some places for their solitude, it would be lonely indeed if there wasn’t the opportunity to meet someone and pass the time of day.

    1. There aren’t many tourists or residents who enjoy a good sunrise. Usually, I’m out there by myself until the sun is well up and the place is sunny. Occasionally, there are fishermen.

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