“Ocean is more ancient than the mountains,

and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time.”

H. P. Lovecraft

Fantastical creatures of the deep ocean are continually being discovered as technological advances are made.  What more may we discover?  At the rate we are clearing rainforests and polluting our oceans and leveling mountains we may lose more species than we’ll ever experience.  Species are growing extinct before they’re even found.  What will it take to make humans stop and think what our presence, our action does to this Earth, our home planet?  I, for one, fear for our planet’s future.



  1. The light is both spectacular and gentle. The location both wonderful and ordinary. Whenever we are on the coast like we were yesterday, and the sun is close to the horizon, and all things are fused by light, you can’t help but wonder at the infinite beauty of space and time…..and our place in the cosmos….

    1. There’s something about the aloneness of a dawn anywhere that makes me ponder such thoughts. It’s like I’m closer to Spirit, to God, than any other time of the day. It’s my church.

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