Month: July 2017

Where the Heck Have I BEEN?


Sunrise June 17, 2017

Hello everyone!

I’ve been down for the count since last year – struck down in October and all fourth quarter by excruciating neck pain, followed by “migrating arthritis” (which is a thing), and finally, finally in May received a diagnosis and medication.  Rheumatoid Arthritis.  It’s in the base of my neck and in my wrists and hands.  The medications are making a huge difference!  They do cause some side effects but the results are so worth it.  For awhile I couldn’t use my hands, hold my camera and the days I could hold it I couldn’t feel the buttons!  Anything with weight gave me fits so my husband would have to lift pots and pans, open jars, anything that required strength in my hands.  What a crazy thing.  Crazy thing.  Physical therapy saved my life and sanity and I just graduated from that and have hired a personal trainer.  I’m relieved and happy!  I feel MUCH better and I’m beginning to get out once again with my camera.  Slowly, though.  The new meds do not like the heat and sunshine so I’m taking it slow and just going out occasionally as I feel up to it.  So, I’m back!  Mostly!  Fair warning!