Month: November 2017

Spiny Orb Weaver

IMG_7410_20170908_Spiny Orb Weaver Spider_1000x667

These little guys are everywhere right now – in the trees, draped on railings, strung from trees to cars….they aren’t big, as this photo suggests but are rather small.  Their web is a symphony with little tufts of silk strewn out along each major spoke of their web-wheel.  A macro lens allowed me to see the Halloween mask on its back, no doubt to frighten off predators.  The spider itself is tucked within the hard shell, coming out to re-weave broken threads or sup on a capture.  I’m no arachnophobe, instead rejoicing in their uniqueness and their benefits to our world.  Mind, they are not welcome in the house and are gently removed should I find them indoors.



The Shrimp Boat

IMG_7771_Shrimp Boat n Turtle Nest_1000x667


I waited forever for the shrimp boat to glide into the silver shaft of light created by a dimmed sun over stormy seas.  The resulting images were disappointments – many shots hurriedly taken could not compare with any of the before shaft/after shaft shots.  But I was not disappointed overall for the experience, which turned out to be rather surreal.  The light was exquisite.