I shouldn’t insult the pigs.  This is a man-created mess left on a beach where whoever left this CHOSE to come to in order to relax and “vacate.”  So they did, laughing it up one afternoon, drinking their beer, building sandcastles, drinking their beer, splashing in the waves, drinking their beer…until time to go in and drink more beer and grill out burgers in their rental house.  I do not care about the beer.  A good ale is a blessing on a hot day.  However, take your damn beer bottles with you, and pick up your trash.

LITTERING pisses me off.  LITTERING is unconscionable.  Take your damn trash with you when you go.  This is EVERYONE’S beach…..not just yours.  I don’t care where you go for your little vacation, clean the fuck up after yourselves.  Period.  What are you?  Five years old?  There was so much there that morning that I couldn’t get it all.  So, I put it in a little artistic grouping and left them a note.  Not sure if they got it….they  might’ve left for home, but if nothing else I felt somewhat better.

People, please do not litter.  Please?  We are gradually losing our forests, our beaches, our mountains, our green places and sacred spaces.  I am begging you – please do not litter – take care of our world.

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  1. Well put Debra, and totally justified. I really can’t understand people who leave their garbage ANYWHERE but the recyling center. The first speech I ever made back in 67′ (when I was about10) was a bout littering. Of course I wasn’t quite as forthright 🙂

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