Cape Fear River

The Banks of the Cape Fear River

The Banks of the Cape Fear River

We soon will be setting sail for parts west, driving from the east coast to the southwest desert and back again. Two months of travel; eighteen states, weather permitting, seeing many friends and family members along the way. I’ve stressed the importance to my husband of ample photo opportunities along the way for my mental, physical and emotional health AND so that I can blog about our journey. This will be the first time ever we will have crossed the country in a car. Wish us luck but also if you have any advice please share. I’ve uploaded the WP app onto my iPhone and will be testing it this week before our departure. If it is acceptable, I will use that most of the time until we arrive at our Christmas destination where they have, thankfully, all the modern devices to which one is accustomed.


Salt Marsh


Just beyond the dunes you see above lie the Atlantic Ocean.  On the other side of me not a mile away is the Cape Fear River.  I am standing on a narrow patch of salt marsh lined with maritime forest.  A boardwalk path winds its way through sand and marsh ending at a bird and nature observation deck.  From here I can see ibis, herons and egrets.  I hear rails and woodcocks but never see them.  Hawks and eagles glide high overhead while ducks feed in the shallows.  The only noise is the wind.  This is a sacred place.

Cape Fear River

Cape Fear River

Walked the banks of the Cape Fear River recently, looking for sea glass, fossils and other treasures. This shot is looking east. Barrier islands separate the Cape Fear from the Atlantic. This is at Southport, North Carolina – where the river, Intracoastal Waterway and Atlantic Ocean all meet. Cool place.