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I have a friend.  A friend who challenges me while being nonjudgmental.  Her critiques are honest yet delivered in kindness.


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We’ve become estranged of late due to Life challenges on her part and mine.  She is on my mind constantly.  I miss her, yet currently our relationship is strained.  The funny part is that I really don’t know why.


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She would say that’s a cop-out and would grill me down to get at the root…but the last time we tried that it didn’t go very well.


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We will remain friends – it’s just that our “new normal” hasn’t yet been discovered.  Time.  As all good things of value, it will take time.

Forever Friends


Lifeguard Stand, North Carolina 2015

I have a friend, a dear friend.  We met online through blogging years ago.  At the time, both our blogs were published through Blogger, which I still kinda like but hate the formatting for photographs.  Anyway, it was an accidental meeting.  In culling for sites to follow I found the name of hers, Seeded Earth, and was intrigued. Clicking through her photography, her words I was completely transfixed.  Photographs of the midwest and prairies – real prairies!  I “followed” her for a long time before commenting on any of her posts, and she posted daily.  First comments were tentative – I was very unsure of myself as a blogger.  She is a master photographer and a true poet.  Over time, however, we began to strike up a camaraderie through our shared love of photography and nature and our comments, which became e-mails, which became phone calls.  Which one day led to a visit.  The first of many.

Our friendship developed from Comments.  My comments on her blog and her comments on mine.  When Facebook erupted we continued there, “friending” each other and commenting on our daily activities.

Comments – here, there and everywhere.  “Comments” are the foundation of our friendship – one that began tentatively, became solid and continues today.  When I see her comment on my FB page my world lights up.  When she’s missing I wonder if she is well, if she’s having a bad day, if her family is messing with her.  Do not underestimate the value of “comments.”  Commenting has become a bad word or bad action by many and I beg to differ.  Commenting shows you’re there and that you care.

I’m not talking about trolling and political stuff.  This is about friendship – long distance friendships.  What are your thoughts about comments?  Do I rely on them too much?

New Friends



Fort Fisher 2015

One morning I woke early enough to grab camera, dog and coffee and drove down to the end of the island for a different perspective.  Sunrises are normally just a walk across the street for me.  While fun, it can get predictable. How silly!  Predictable sunrises!  How spoiled am I?!

Just as Baylee and I pulled up into the empty parking lot another car pulled up as well.  Damn, I thought.  Solitude is my morning meditation.  Baylee is my only exception this day and now I have to share this moment with someone else.  No help for it I leash Baylee, sling my camera over my shoulder and head off onto the path.

Walking past the other car a lady exited her vehicle, her own dog leashed and ready for a walk.  We stop and laugh, and let our dogs get acquainted.  She also has a camera.  She also was looking for solitude.

Instead of solitude we both made a new friend.  Heidi hails from New York and was a first responder on 9/11.  She lives at the beach now, her lungs nearly destroyed by the fumes and harsh chemicals she breathed in on that fateful day.  We shared tears and stories, she more than me, and at the end we hugged and vowed to always stay in touch.  We do, too.  We have different politics but that will never stop us from being friends.  Well, I say “friends,” but that as you know is always a work in progress.  We are Becoming.  And it’s all because we put aside our quest for solitude aside and shared our morning “space,” embracing the opportunity.  The photo above is one I shot that morning.

There’s no moral to this story.  It’s just a story.  One of millions and millions around the world.  I’m grateful for everyone I’ve met in person and online for you help me grow.  All of you, each of you, individually and collectively you help me grow.