Kure Beach

Simple Beauty


A rock captures my attention on a lonely beach sunrise morning.



My Panacea

IMG_3040_Gorgeous Sunrise_1000x667“For my panacea…..let me have a draught of undiluted morning air.  Morning air!  If men will not drink of this at the fountainhead of the day, why, then, we must even bottle up some and sell it in the shops, for the benefit of those who have lost their subscription ticket to morning time in this world.”  (Henry David Thoreau)

IMG_2790_Sunrise_1000x667Morning air!!!  My favorite time of the day, bar none, is that moment between darkness and dawn.  The sky begins a subtle brightening.  The air is clear and clean and coats my lungs with purity.  Suddenly, as in a Disney cartoon, the birds begin to sing as if on cue.

That really happens.

Once, during my predawn walk I spied a dead stone crab high on the beach.  As big as a dinner plate, the crab was beautiful and thick with black tipped claws and sandy colored body.  I admired him, then walked on to take photos.  It was rather dark still, so I decided to sit on the sand for a different angle.  About 10 feet in front of the crab I sat and shot for a bit.  After shooting I rose and walked to the water, dipping my toes in the foam.  Walking back for home I noticed the crab missing.  Missing!  Was he not dead?  A shiver went up my spine.  If not dead….where?!  I found where he’d been and discovered the footprints of multiple gulls.  While I was shooting, the sound of waves and wind in my ears, the gulls were feasting 10 feet behind me….and I never heard it.

Begin Again

IMG_2977_Gorgeous Sunrise_1000x667It is time to begin again.  Time to get off my ass and jump back into the world of the living.  I’ve MISSED blogging!  I realized I never finished telling you about Scotland!  I’m not sure just what happened but I think exhaustion was the culprit.  Lots of eldercare responsibilities and living out of a suitcase.  Oh, yeah.  That’s what it was.

IMG_3029_Gorgeous Sunrise_1000x667I mean, look at this beautiful world!   The ocean is my front yard!  (well, kinda)  I also mentioned doing a photo essay on something called beach nourishment.  (look it up)   That’s about to start in earnest here at my beach and I’m not looking forward to it.

IMG_3058_Gorgeous Sunrise_1000x667I’ve been stupidly saying things to myself like “who needs another freakin’ sunrise photo?”  Well, truth be told…I do.  I need them.  My soul needs them.  As Sting says “That’s my soul up there….”  So, I’M BACK!!!

Sunrise Sisters



Cloud Waves (c) 2014 by Debi Bradford


My Scotland hangover may be coming to an end.  Maybe.  In the meantime my Sunrise Sister, Lorrie Bowden, thought a dual sunrise project might help snap me out of it.  If the sun gods are with her on her eastern coastline she’ll have a sunrise to share with us. Check her Lorrie’s blog here.


Our sunrise here on the eastern coastline of North Carolina was weak and filmy but pretty in its own way.

Arriving in time to capture these sweet little soft rays radiating out of waves of pale peach cloud waves I positioned myself behind the only stand of beach fencing to add a little interest.


On Patrol (c) 2014 by Debi Bradford

Pelicans flew by, willets followed the waves in and out seeking creatures for breakfast, and gulls cried out overhead.

As the beach woke up the predawn Turtle Patrol was making their rounds.

There is a nest just a couple houses down from our walkway – so exciting!  The next should “boil” in September.


Sunrise and Ocean (c) 2014 by Debi Bradford

Last view before heading in for coffee.  For the purists.

Hurricane Arthur


First Light (C) 2014 by Debi Bradford

I am not sure what’s happening with WP but this is my third try at posting this morning.  Bear with me.  Or bare with me.  Your choice.  I returned home two days ago just in time to prepare the house for Hurricane Arthur.  As of this moment Arthur seems to prefer staying out in the ocean which is just fine by me.  As with such things it forced me to clean up some areas outside that were woefully needing cleaning.  I’m prepared and happy as a clam to stay inside and catch up on photo processing.  Scotland awaits, but first….a hurricane morning.



Golden Arthur Sunrise (C) 2014 by Debi Bradford

There was sunshine earlier, but a band of rain coming up from the south chased me home fairly quickly.  The tide was going out affording me good hunting, and good luck as I found two fossilized shark’s teeth and a few unidentified fossils.  My favorite things to find on the beach, hands down!



The Lone Jogger (C) 2014 by Debi Bradford


Storm skies turn a luscious blue grey, throwing a cool color cast on everything.  I love that.  When Hurricane Sandy roared through the same thing happened.  Lots of moisture in the air.  My lens kept fogging up on the outside – I had to wipe it constantly.  Man, this camera is sooooo good.  It’s been through Death Valley, Scotland and two hurricanes without missing a beat.  LOVE my camera.



Whichy Waves (C) 2014 by Debi Bradford

So I’ve returned which isn’t any big news.  However, I’ve really missed reading posts and missed chatting with everyone and I’m sooo happy to be home.  Today, I’m working on Scotland while the rains and winds bluster around outside.  Rainy days are a favorite – a gift of time to do mindful things and fun things – photo processing, reading, cuddling up.   I’ll be back soon with more of Scotland but in the meantime enjoy Hurricane Arthur.



Parting Shot (C) 2014 by Debi Bradford


ImageFirst Light

This post is for Lorrie Bowden.

She lives on a more southerly eastern coast.

Yesterday’s Morning Is Broken post brought about many conversations and insights.

She and I agreed to take a morning sunrise photo today and compare.

Just for grins.


Phase 2

This morning I woke to rain.

Discouraged, I rose anyway and checked the forecast.

Rain was moving out.

This gave me time for coffee,

and quality time with my dog.


Phase 3

 The ocean was calm, like a lake.

The first thing I saw was a small fishing boat scurrying across the horizon.

Reminded me of bass boats pre-dawn on the lake during bass tournaments.

Not a common sighting on the ocean.

The next thing I noticed were the gnats.

Calm winds = biting gnats.

I know this and have dressed for the occasion.


Golden Light

Although I agreed to this fun exercise I didn’t forget yesterday’s epiphany.

Few photos were taken.

Much walking and meditation occurred

in between swatting biting gnats that dangled in my hair.

The metamorphosis was grand.

Cool, grey morning blossomed into a golden, bright sunrise.

Late in coming and glorious.

Good morning