Be Kind



We just returned from vacation in Colorado.  I love the beach but desired to see a completely different landscape.  You can’t get more different than the Rocky Mountains.  I saw a wild moose!  And elk!  Wanted to see a black bear but no such luck.  Nor did I see the longhorn sheep or mountain goats, but had fun looking.

Those mountains are gorgeous.  Humbling.  Massive.  Those ponderosa pines blow me away.  We visited Garden of the Gods and Pike’s Peak.  The best part was simply choosing a direction and driving mountain roads.  The views!  The snow!

We as individuals are served well by immersing ourselves into nature….where there’s no service to our phones … and breathe it all in.  We are so tiny and the earth is so large.  My belief is that Mother Earth will survive us, despite our attempts to kill it off. She will eventually shake us off and live her own life free from the fleas of humanity for her days are numbered, too.






Soft sunrise 2013

I confess to being fearful these days.  Not worrying about myself but worrying for our planet and our children and grandchildren.  What happens to this planet in the near future will effect future generations and then some.  We no longer have a steward of the earth in the White House.  Our progressive country should be investing in clean energy and planning ahead, not looking behind or in our wallets.  Plan for the people, for the future.  My head is not stuck in the sand and I will fight but my heart is heavy.  I hope these soft beach images help you as much as they do me.  Peace.