Silent Sunday



Rain on the Beach

IMG_8640 2018_0610_Anniversary Sunrise_1000x667


June 10, 2018

This is the shower I loved.

As I shot the sunrising to the northeast

(because the sun moves in that direction from my vantage point in summer),

this shower was approaching from the south.

 Tiny drops announced its arrival.

Tiny drops became bigger drops.

I ducked under a walkway and sat down at the base of a sand dune.

It felt good, the wind and light rain.

Cleansing.  Refreshing.

I laughed watching the pelicans, terns and gulls

feast on the running bluefish

as the rains kept them company.

The shower was short lived.

Pulling myself out of my lair I continued my camera-play.

Sunrise is fun.




I shouldn’t insult the pigs.  This is a man-created mess left on a beach where whoever left this CHOSE to come to in order to relax and “vacate.”  So they did, laughing it up one afternoon, drinking their beer, building sandcastles, drinking their beer, splashing in the waves, drinking their beer…until time to go in and drink more beer and grill out burgers in their rental house.  I do not care about the beer.  A good ale is a blessing on a hot day.  However, take your damn beer bottles with you, and pick up your trash.

LITTERING pisses me off.  LITTERING is unconscionable.  Take your damn trash with you when you go.  This is EVERYONE’S beach…..not just yours.  I don’t care where you go for your little vacation, clean the fuck up after yourselves.  Period.  What are you?  Five years old?  There was so much there that morning that I couldn’t get it all.  So, I put it in a little artistic grouping and left them a note.  Not sure if they got it….they  might’ve left for home, but if nothing else I felt somewhat better.

People, please do not litter.  Please?  We are gradually losing our forests, our beaches, our mountains, our green places and sacred spaces.  I am begging you – please do not litter – take care of our world.


Hurricane Rita Sunrise

Bright orange glowed beneath my closed eyes like those of a jack o’ lantern at Halloween.  The sky was glowing well before the sun rose from the hillside.  I grabbed the camera and hustled to the dock below.  Standing above water glowing like molten lava I shot waves of tangerine, orange and gold both above and below, in the lake.  The show lasted about 5 minutes before the clouds ran together, blocking the sunrise.  Eventually, these outer bands of Hurricane Rita turned Wheeler Lake into the Red Sea as torrential rains drained the south’s red clay into the river.  Winds here in North Alabama reached 80 mph.  I could not imagine being any closer to the eye of such a beast.  It was an experience like no other.