Life Throwing Curve Balls…

This is the first blog I’ve written in a while. Life has changed my course.

I’ve been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which isn’t really “arthritis” but is instead a disease. This disease has diminished my capacity for doing photography and sitting at a desk playing in photoshop. It’s also stopped my pre-dawn walks, of which I’ve been fond of for two decades.

It’s been quite the learning curve. Between medicines (which have been worse than the disease) to pain management RA has temporarily taken over my life. That said, I do intend to win. I may not walk in the pre-dawn mornings but I can walk in the sunset skies. I WILL photograph again and begin to share once more on my blog. In the meantime I look forward to catching up with everyone’s thoughts here in WordPress.

Enjoy the sunrises….


Hearts Above




“The superior man understands what is right;

the inferior man understands what will sell.”



Confucius so got it.  It’s amazing to me how we have all learned so much yet nothing seems to change.  Or, Bill Watterson says something like this – Day to day it seems nothing changes, but suddenly one day everything  is different.  I’m unhappy about today’s politics and am ready for that “suddenly one day everything is different” thing.

YES, I will be voting.  I vote every year, every election…even the midterms.  But there’s something fundamentally wrong with Washington DC.   I believe it’s when Citizen’s United was passed by the Supreme Court.  And the gerrymandering.  Now, we are an Oligarchy.  Clearly we are no longer a Democracy.  I love my country but barely recognize it these days.  What do you think?

Rain on the Beach

IMG_8640 2018_0610_Anniversary Sunrise_1000x667


June 10, 2018

This is the shower I loved.

As I shot the sunrising to the northeast

(because the sun moves in that direction from my vantage point in summer),

this shower was approaching from the south.

 Tiny drops announced its arrival.

Tiny drops became bigger drops.

I ducked under a walkway and sat down at the base of a sand dune.

It felt good, the wind and light rain.

Cleansing.  Refreshing.

I laughed watching the pelicans, terns and gulls

feast on the running bluefish

as the rains kept them company.

The shower was short lived.

Pulling myself out of my lair I continued my camera-play.

Sunrise is fun.