“We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.”

Jacques Yves Cousteau


I confess feeling hopeless today.  Hopeless for our planet and for its people.  Recently, I heard a scientist on NPR talk about climate change and how we are past the point of no return.  “Get used to doom,” he said.  I have been disheartened ever since.  How does one “get used to doom?”  I’m no good at that, being the eternal optimist that I am.  So this morning I feel conflicted and hopeless.



IMG_2219_5DMII with Bo_1000x667


I have a friend.  A friend who challenges me while being nonjudgmental.  Her critiques are honest yet delivered in kindness.


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We’ve become estranged of late due to Life challenges on her part and mine.  She is on my mind constantly.  I miss her, yet currently our relationship is strained.  The funny part is that I really don’t know why.


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She would say that’s a cop-out and would grill me down to get at the root…but the last time we tried that it didn’t go very well.


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We will remain friends – it’s just that our “new normal” hasn’t yet been discovered.  Time.  As all good things of value, it will take time.

Beach Tracks

IMG_6928_2016_Red Sun Sunrise_1000x667

I delight at beach tracks found every morning on the beach.  What creature walked this way?  What were they looking for on this journey?  Why do deer walk the beach?  There’s nothing there for them to eat so is it for the simple joy of walking the beach?  Occasionally, I’ll see signs of a scuffle between two unknown creatures and I wonder who won … and who lost.

One morning long ago I found a myriad of tiny tracks around the dunes.  They weren’t heading towards the water and instead were pointing back towards one of the beach houses.  I stopped the Turtle Patrol.  It turned out that an undiscovered, therefore unmarked, Loggerhead turtle nest had boiled in the night.  The mother had laid her eggs over the dune and into the yard of a house.  The baby turtles were wandering on the road, and across the road in the parking lot of a local business.  Over 200 baby turtles were saved.

Tracks tell a story.  Tracks make me ponder Nature and her gifts.