Nevada Bound

Heading to Nevada for Thanksgiving.  Will be visiting family for a couple of weeks before returning to the beach.  Enjoy your holiday, but more importantly enjoy your FAMILY.  Without family we are lost.  Lost.  Make up. Make rules.  Set boundaries.  Do whatever it takes to bring family closer.  It is sometimes hard.  But it is critical.  I never realized just how critical until I began approaching a certain age.  Friends will help you to a point. Friends will be there and can be there to a point.  Family is blood.  Reach out.  Forgive.  Be there.


My Panacea

IMG_3040_Gorgeous Sunrise_1000x667“For my panacea…..let me have a draught of undiluted morning air.  Morning air!  If men will not drink of this at the fountainhead of the day, why, then, we must even bottle up some and sell it in the shops, for the benefit of those who have lost their subscription ticket to morning time in this world.”  (Henry David Thoreau)

IMG_2790_Sunrise_1000x667Morning air!!!  My favorite time of the day, bar none, is that moment between darkness and dawn.  The sky begins a subtle brightening.  The air is clear and clean and coats my lungs with purity.  Suddenly, as in a Disney cartoon, the birds begin to sing as if on cue.

That really happens.

Once, during my predawn walk I spied a dead stone crab high on the beach.  As big as a dinner plate, the crab was beautiful and thick with black tipped claws and sandy colored body.  I admired him, then walked on to take photos.  It was rather dark still, so I decided to sit on the sand for a different angle.  About 10 feet in front of the crab I sat and shot for a bit.  After shooting I rose and walked to the water, dipping my toes in the foam.  Walking back for home I noticed the crab missing.  Missing!  Was he not dead?  A shiver went up my spine.  If not dead….where?!  I found where he’d been and discovered the footprints of multiple gulls.  While I was shooting, the sound of waves and wind in my ears, the gulls were feasting 10 feet behind me….and I never heard it.

Begin Again

IMG_2977_Gorgeous Sunrise_1000x667It is time to begin again.  Time to get off my ass and jump back into the world of the living.  I’ve MISSED blogging!  I realized I never finished telling you about Scotland!  I’m not sure just what happened but I think exhaustion was the culprit.  Lots of eldercare responsibilities and living out of a suitcase.  Oh, yeah.  That’s what it was.

IMG_3029_Gorgeous Sunrise_1000x667I mean, look at this beautiful world!   The ocean is my front yard!  (well, kinda)  I also mentioned doing a photo essay on something called beach nourishment.  (look it up)   That’s about to start in earnest here at my beach and I’m not looking forward to it.

IMG_3058_Gorgeous Sunrise_1000x667I’ve been stupidly saying things to myself like “who needs another freakin’ sunrise photo?”  Well, truth be told…I do.  I need them.  My soul needs them.  As Sting says “That’s my soul up there….”  So, I’M BACK!!!

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This is where I am….blissfully, incredibly written by someone else. Anyes Pourtaghi, Writer and Photographer crafts her blog, for which I shall be eternally grateful. It’s nice to see it in writing, this odd place of being. I share this here, on my poor neglected blog so that I’ll not lose it, or her. Recognizing and naming a thing means I’m halfway there, yes?

Originally posted on Far Away In The Sunshine:

The bruised self I have been for the past year or so, is filled with hurts, sorrows and lacking joy. Still weak and searching for strength, I find myself reflecting. How long will it be till I find the zest for life I used to have? My poor camera sits on the side lines waiting expectantly for me to grab it as I used to. My notes books are spread all over the table waiting to feel the soft caress of the pen on their pages.

The thoughts in my head are jumbled and keep coming and going. Alternating between fear, sadness, anxiety and bursts of hope my moods are all over the place, so I kept quiet. Not wanting to burden the screen with a story that does not bring anything to anyone. Yet I find myself here knowing that by pushing a bit more I will get back…

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Beach Nourishment


Preparations (C) 2015 by Debi Bradford

Instead of simply posting pretty photos I think I’ll tell you a little tale about beach “nourishment.”  Before moving to a beach front community I’d never heard of this process.  First, we began noticing a nearby public access being loaded with equipment.  Bulldozers, pipes, Bobcats, trucks and whatnot.  Eventually, Bobcats moved pipes out onto the beach.  Bulldozers followed.  This began an education process for me that was as fascinating as it was horrifying.

Beach nourishment is a process by which a dredge ship sucks up a particular type of sand from the bottom of the ocean and disperses it onto a beach.  Bulldozers create a hole for all the new sand, then level it as it’s being piped in.  The process repeats all the way up the beach.  This builds the beach far out and flattens it for the tourist trade.  It also keeps buildings that were built too close to the sea from falling into it.

I took photos throughout the process and have shown some of Facebook.  Folks have encouraged me to create a photo exhibit of the process but I’m not sure a) I have enough or b) they’re decent enough and c) there’s interest.  So I’ll post here and gauge reactions and thoughts.

This first image is a golden dawn light striking the beached equipment.  I welcome comments and thoughts.