I am at best a photographer who is passionate about preservation issues. Nature photography has always been for fun but lately I’ve felt the need to give back and support the non-profit preservation organizations who are working to preserve our lands and water.

A Little History

My love of photography began as a teenager when my parents purchased a Yashica 35mm film camera and three lenses through a mailer offer from Texaco.  While they were intimidated by the manual settings and multiple lenses I was just the opposite so they gave the kit to me.  My love of nature pulled me in like gravity and every stick and twig, every bud and fern, the surface of lakes, trees at sunset, everything in nature became my subject.  I shot everything horribly for years…but that didn’t deter me.  When my trusty Yashica finally went to the camera heaven in the sky I switched to a Canon EOS and just kept playing.

For awhile I was a film snob, refusing to lower myself to digital but the Sony Cybershot 5.0 megapixel turned me around.  That tilt lens was the bomb!  I loved it.  Moreover, I learned all about Immediate Gratification.  No more waiting for days for film to be developed only to be disappointed by the quality!  I could do it myself and loved the control.


My Canon body collection consists of the 20D, 40D and 5D Mark II.  Lenses include a sweet Sigma 18-250 small zoom which is great on the 40D but isn’t compatible with the full frame 5DM2.  Sadly.  I love that lens.  Other lenses include my favorite Canon 50mm 1.4, Sigma 70mm Macro, Sigma 100-300 zoom, Canon 18-55 and the amazing Canon 100-400mm EF, a great birding lens.  This is a lot of stuff for a hobbiest but I’m no spring chicken and these items have been collected along the way.  Some of it is shared with my daughter, who shares this passion with me.

Other Passions Besides Photography

I am deeply passionate about conservation and preservation issues.  As a Master Gardener, my focus is on using native plants, practice xeriscaping and am expanding my knowledge on growing vegetables for a community garden.  GMOs and corporate greed not only disgust me but also make me concerned for our planet’s future.  Currently, I’m seeking within my consciousness as to the best way that I can contribute to the Earth.  How to get involved that doesn’t overwhelm me but makes a difference in some small way.  Blogging is another passion.  As a contributor to the blogosphere my goal is to present positivity and beauty into the world.  Reading other blogs from around the world is a daily enjoyment.  Bloggers open my eyes, fill my heart and soul with knowledge, beauty, Spirit and Life.

My Mantra

“God grant me Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference.”





  1. Thanks for the recent visit to/follow of my blog. It led me here and I’ve enjoyed perusing your recent entries. You have a good eye and, if I may be so bold as to say so, the right attitude about what you’re doing. I look forward to seeing more.

  2. Hi Debi! Would you be interested in being a part of a Blog Hop? You answer 4 questions about what you are writing/working on…and then invited 3 others to take part. Let me know and I’ll send you the particulars.
    🙂 Lorrie

    1. If you are interested, would you mind sending your response to me from my contact page…that way we can use email, it will be easier. I will post on July 7, and you would post on 7/21. Thanks Debi…hope all is great!

  3. Hey Debi…up for a Sisters in Sunrises photo shoot post any time this weekend? I just saw Can war’s beautiful post and felt inspired! Let me know…I’ll check weather 🙂

      1. Then it is a PERFECT time for a Sisters in Sunrise!!! My weather looks good for tomorrow or Sat. I don’t know exactly where you are…want to check your weather and let me know?

      2. Hey Debi…sure we can try…Our weather is a little iffy…but sometimes that can make a beautiful burst of color…I will set an intention for a beautiful sunrise tomorrow. .. (Sunday) and we can see what happens!! 🙂 ❤ Lorrie

      3. “Set an intention for a beautiful sunrise…!” Wow…I like the way you think! Okay, I’ll do the same. If it’s all grey and icky we’ll try for another day. Take care, dearie!

      4. Hi Debi! I got good shots today!!! And as soon as I was done it poured 🙂 I won’t be able to post until this evening…or even tomorrow morning. Did you get photos? And when do you think you will post? 🙂 🙂

  4. Back again for a refresher, as my memory is terrible! I enjoyed the story of that first camera very much! I too began digital with a Sony, and once I moved to one with the tilting screen I was SO excited! Although I use a different set-up, I know what you mean by loving a certain lens – for me it’s an Olympus 60mm macro. Lowest f stop is 2.8, not 1.4….I’m sure I’d have fun with your Sigma, too. I hope you’re enjoying your garden this year!

  5. Hi 🙂

    I hope you don’t mind me reaching out in a comment — I couldn’t find a way to contact you privately (you can always delete this comment…)

    I noticed that your Gravatar doesn’t link to your blog. This makes it more difficult for others to find you. Please take a look at my blog post linked below, which explains the easy steps you can take to fix this 🙂


    Happy blogging!

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