The Sky




What I now know of myself is that I need the sky.

As much as I love trees – and I do – I do not wish to live in the darkness they create.  I’ll visit the trees, talk with them, touch them, love them.  Their mosses and lichens, mushrooms and ferns, their shady patches I cherish for the miracles that they are and I will leave them in their dark canopied world – taking only pictures.

I love the sea with her magical creatures and live for mighty storms brewing on the horizon, whipping the waves into frenzied creatures that crash onto the shoreline, but what makes the sea storms incredible are the towering white anvils and approaching dark squalls.

Sunrises are my passion but only if they are riddled with apricot, lavender, opal, fuchsia, daffodil clouds crowding the horizon like children at an aquarium window of fishes.

There’s nothing more boring to me than a bright sunny beach with blue skies.  Call me crazy.  The moment the weather turns dicey I’m out there with my camera, or sometimes just out there enjoying the blast of sand on my ankles and strong, salty winds shoved up my nostrils.  It makes me feel so alive!

Deserts sing to my soul as well, but the crowning touch of any desert is the incredible arch of sky above it.  Mountains, too, hold their charm but mountains create clouds and get enmeshed in clouds and fog and breathe life to the sky.

Our planet is wrapped in such a thin sliver of the atmosphere that saves us.  We must take great care to not destroy the mechanism by which we survive.  Get out there and embrace our beautiful skies.



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